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Duration, Continuation and Termination:

The duration of the Course shall be for a period of one year. The maximum period for completion of the Course is three academic years including the year of admission.

Every candidate admitted to the course shall pay the prescribed fees at the time of admission. If a candidate is required to continue the course beyond the academic year because of his/her non- fulfillment of the prescribed requirements for the award of the Diploma, he/she can continue the course for the subsequent two academic years or till all the requirements are completed, whichever is earlier, by paying a Re-registration fee as prescribed for each year.

The candidate should apply for re-registration within three months of expiry of earlier registration.

The marks secured in the papers already earned by the candidate shall be carried forward during the span of the eligibility for the course programme.

At the end of the third academic year if the candidate fails to fulfill all the requirements for the award of the Diploma, the admission stands automatically cancelled. In such cases they need to enroll afresh for the programme.

Misconduct Rules:

The Vice Chancellor on the report and recommendation of the Director of NALSAR Proximate Education can cancel the registration of a candidate and also debar them from examinations and further enrollment if he or she is found to be indulging in abusive, unruly behavior with the faculty or staff of NALSAR Proximate Education. Such behaviors will also include abusive mails, phone calls or defamatory posts or blogs.

The NALSAR University Academic Mis-Conduct Regulations, as approved by the Executive Council of the University will apply suitably for NALSAR Proximate Education

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